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We are two business driven students from leading UK universities, willing to inspire people through unconventional learning methods.

Alex Popescu


Alex studies Business and Marketing at Coventry University. He has been a non-formal education trainer for over three years now. He is involved in all aspects of student life, as he is a School Representative of Coventry University and he founded his own company at only 18. He decided to move on to the next stage of his life and create Teachy because education is an urgent matter, which needs to be tackled right now. He loves teaching English and his favourite thing is making people laugh, as he is a strong advocate of the fact that learning should be fun!

Email me: alex@teachy.ro

Alexia Radu


Alexia is a History student at King’s College London and an enthusiastic English teacher at Teachy. She obtained a Distinction in her TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and she also completed an Internship at Valencia Language Club. She is passionate about the education sector and she wanted to start Teachy so that all people have access to equal opportunities. She is dedicated to empowering people and she loves being a mentor for the young ones! 

Email me: alexia@teachy.ro

Want to work with us?

Email contact@teachy.ro Hours M-F: 9AM-7PM
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