Studying in the UK in the midst of a pandemic. What you need to know.

Are you starting your first year of university in September? Going to university can be nerve racking. Add a global pandemic to that, and you can find yourself in a stressful position. However, your experience doesn’t have to be stressful. If you follow these tips, everything will be okay! 

  1. Wear a face mask where required

This is the number one advice we can give you. Your safety comes above everything. Inside university buildings, wear a face mask and follow your university’s policy. If you live in accommodation halls, the same rule applies. You might be required by your residence to wear a face covering outside your flat. Don’t feel offended if they ask you to use one! These are just the regulations they follow in order to make sure we all come back to our normal pre-pandemic lives as soon as possible. So proudly wear your favourite face mask. We saw some pretty cool face masks ideas on the internet. You can get a personalised one, to give it a little bit more personality. 

  1. Avoid using public transportation

Try to avoid public transportation. It can be a little too crowded. Just walk. It is much better for your health and also for the environment. Cycling is a great option, as well. There are many cycling apps you can use. For example, the Santander app allows you to hire a bike for only 2 pounds for 24 hours. You can make as many journeys as you like, but no journey has to be longer than 30 minutes. Overall, it’s a pretty good deal if you don’t have the money to invest in a bike or the place to store it. Usually, accommodation halls store your bikes for free, however it’s good to know you have this option if you don’t want to invest in one!

3. Be considerate

Some people you will meet might be very strict with following regulations. Don’t take that personally! Some of them might have been through tough experiences during the pandemic, and some people might have even lost family members. Just be considerate when you talk about the current situation and be there for other people if they need support. 

4. Be active in student life! Join some student societies or a sports team!

Talking to your classmates regularly outside class over video meetings is a great idea and it can help you get to know each other. This is a great way to make friends at university. Join as many societies as you like. Most societies will still have online meet-ups. If you want to join a dance society for example, you will probably have choreography trainings online! Or if you are interested in joining a sports team, outdoor training might be possible if you are on campus. Stay active and stay safe!

Do you want us to share more tips with you? If you want to discover some money-saving tips for uni, stay tuned!

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