Want to change the world from your own sofa? Become an online volunteer!

Who said volunteering is hard work? You can help people from the comfort of your own home. Here are the ultimate volunteering opportunities we think will empower you to change the world… from your own sofa! We wrote down the organisations worth checking out, with the link where you can register as a volunteer!

  1. United Nations Volunteers


UNV has many different projects online you can get involved in. Once you create an account, you will be able to apply for an opportunity most suited to your abilities. These are competitive opportunities and they usually fill up on a first come, first served basis, so apply as soon as you find an opportunity you like! You will work in an amazing team and receive a certificate from the United Nations Volunteers after completing your task. 

2. Amnesty Decoders


Amnesty Decoders is a digital network of volunteers helping expose human rights violations. You have to decode information for different incidents around the world. If you would like some investigation-based type of volunteering, this is the perfect opportunity for you! You don’t need to download any apps, just complete tasks on their website.

There is no minimum time requirement needed; do as much or as little as you’d like. You can generate your own certificates for any project you participated in (as a registered decoder).

3. Be My Eyes 


Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call. As a sighted volunteer, all you have to do is download the Be My Eyes app on your phone and you can start helping people straight away.  A blind or a low-vision user may need help with anything from checking expiry dates, distinguishing colours, reading instructions or navigating new surroundings, such as a supermarket. It is very easy to set up and extremely rewarding to know you can help someone see the world! 

4. Translators without Borders

If you know 2 or more languages, this is the perfect volunteering opportunity for you! Their latest campaign includes “Help use language to fight COVID-19”, so by volunteering for this organisation, you know for sure that you are contributing to the urgent matters the world is facing today. If you want to make a change today, join their COVID-19 Community Translation Program. You can register to take part in this program here: https://translatorswithoutborders.org/covid-19-application/

If you want to be a translator, apply here: https://kato.translatorswb.org/register

Translators without Borders also have a small number of roles for non-translator volunteers, such as graphic designers or project managers, so it’s worth checking their page out even if you aren’t good with languages! 


5. Missing Maps

Missing Maps is an open, collaborative project in which you can help to map areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. It is very easy to use and you can find a project that you are passionate about! You need a lot of patience for this type of volunteering and we believe this is a great opportunity for people that enjoy visual tasks rather than written tasks.

If you are a beginner, you can find a tutorial here https://www.missingmaps.org/learn/#beginner

6. The Courtauld Institute of Art Digitalisation Project


Their volunteers are helping digitise 1.3 million images from their photographic library from home. If you’d like to join the team of volunteers, you can sign up through the link above and they will let you know when recruitment reopens. We highly recommend registering for this volunteering opportunity. It is led by a very friendly team. If you volunteer with them for over 10 hours, they will happily write you a reference!

Email contact@teachy.ro Hours M-F: 9AM-7PM
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