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Besides being a virtual e-learning platform, we are a community for all. At Teachy, we pride ourselves upon our learning methods, developed by students, for students.

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We know how conventional learning does not challenge students to their full potential. This is why we created Teachy. Our aim is to inspire people through unconventional learning methods. We help students with affordable tutoring sessions, as well as free events to build up their confidence and educate them about important matters. For our first online event, we partnered up with Mirunette Education, which is one of the largest education consultancy firms in Romania. We assisted high school students in Romania with guidance on university choices, as we are aware of the gaps in the educational system in Romania when it comes to this type of support in schools. We truly believe the answer to a better society is to shift away from traditional education. All students should benefit from personalised and specialised guidance along their studies. We encourage creativity and we like thinking outside the box.

Check out our Lessons and Packages in order to find out how we can help you today! And stay tuned to find out what we prepare for you in the future. E-learning has no limits!

Email contact@teachy.ro Hours M-F: 9AM-7PM
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